i think even more than all the pop culture references what i really love about dean’s dialect is the way he’s just so bluntly simplistic about things like “i’m not gonna logic you” or referring to the tablet as a “magic rock”

idk it’s just one of 209348093184 reasons he’s such a fascinating character to write :3

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reason number #458483 why i hate buckner and ross-lemming

why the fuck is cas torturing angels when he just said in 9.14 that he wanted peace and reprimanded bartholomew for torturing angels

like do you watch this show what the fucking

Presumably, the idea is that Cas is going to have to do things he doesn’t want to do, and what he feels he has to do. They’ve built that up more and more with each appearance he’s made since 9x14.

Of course that duo also seem to enjoy writing torture scenes (this will be their third this season), so that may also be part of it. 

I do think that this may be leading to where Cas decides once and for all that he never wants to be an angel again.

Remember when Jensen said Dean gave Cas some stuff before he leaved the bunker, but we didn’t see anything?
Maybe there was a scene, or something scripted that didn’t make the cut where Dean gave Cas a “hunter” bag, and he made sure to turn the GPS on his phone like he does with Sammy.

So of course Dean would see where Cas was all the time, pretty much like ”watching over him”. 
Dean may not have angelic powers, then technology it is…

I love to get stuff like this with so little but obvious information.



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And what’s really nice, too, is that this isn’t the first time Cas has been shown in light, indicating that he is Dean’s light at the end of the tunnel. The whole season has been doing this (which makes me believe it’s not accidental). :D

This moment comes to mind in particular:


and stuff like that, combined with stuff like this:


I….I can’t.

There really have been so many moments in season 8 and now in season 9 though, I believe thecaptainsoiree touched on some of them in her recent meta :3

let’s also not forget “el sol” in 9x17


during which crowley is telling dean that cain chose him, that it’s who he’s meant to be. and then also tells him they’re in it together.

which sounds an awful like that other bar scene in 9x09 when cas tells dean that you don’t choose what you do; “it chooses you.” and also that he’s in this thing whether he likes it or not.

which also happens to be the same episode with a halo-like light behind cas in the background


it’s also interesting when you factor this all in with the “el sol” scene, since on the other side of dean, there’s a beer tap that says “dark ale.” obviously reflective of dean’s internal war with the mark of cain, and i truly believe cas will be that light for him.

question is, which side is he going to give into in the end?

I would love it to be more about choices, and light, but considering how Castiel and Dean are in some way burning out, and how Metatron said it to Cas in Meta Fiction, I can’t expect anything good about the stolen grace and the mark of cain contrasted with the sun. Also the song said “The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore,” and the new sigil looks like a half sun in the horizon: 


So I think every one of these stuff, as almost always, are there because of a reason, it can’t be coincidences.

But everything can’t be that negative, maybe these whole thing is about a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s at the very end.


spnedit: Demons 

They don't want anything,
just death and destruction for its own sake

[angel version]

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If Gadreel had conscience before that Metatron was fucking with him, THIS IS THE EXACTLY MOMENT where Metatron threw away Gadreel’s loyalty. If I had my suspicions that Gadreel would betray Metatron, after this I am fucking sure that it will happen.

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So you are telling me that the show hasn’t lasted nine seasons on the basis of Jared Padalecki’s hair above all other reasons?

No one mentioned the relevant stuff, like how he looked wearing just a towel for like 2 seconds in the 1st seasons. How can they forget that???!!!

I’m always bitter about this because I started watching the show with a very  -wrong- judgemental view against the actors. So I’m always kind of hurt when they generalize fans as such shallow minds that only care about pretty dudes. Probably because of personal reasons, and my issues with objectification… so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets upset about how this articles show fans’ ways, they only see the front view, instead of how brainy this fandom is.

You would expect to read a great thing coming from a NYtimes article, but that’s one of the most superficial things I’ve read in a long time.
The ending was the only thing that did something for me, and that’s because it’s J2 talking without the article explaining what they said.


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but can we talk about how sam taught castiel how to hug and how castiel gave gabriel a proper hug beacuse I feel like we should talk about it.





Supernatural fandom should be coming any moment now. 

an unexpected addition but highly appreciated

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This is Dean’s face watching Jimmy Novak eating

it’s so funny cause he looks so offended by it, like it’s the only time he looks like other people look when HE is eating the way he eats, hahaha.