No, but seriously, that episode was great in a way SPN has not been in ages, and I appreciated how fluidly it moved between parallels, from Sam to Dean and back again, to hint at a sobering truth: they’re both decimated. They’re both twisted by what their father did, ages and ages ago. It demonstrates itself in different ways, but has led to the same end eventually for them both: Sam’s season 4 turn, and Dean’s teetering on the edge now.

"I don’t give a fig about the nest! That girl was under my protection."



So much mixed feelings for Dean’s arc, and seeing him like he gave up… he’s so fucking done… 

He’s so scary, but his stubbornness is worst. He’s just million miles away… escaping from everyone and everything, and just unplugging himself from the good feelings he has deep in his heart. But they’re still there, I swear! *sobbing*

(Jensen’s acting, man.)

This episode really nailed this darkness down for me too. But…but…there’s this silver lining I keep holding on to. Which is: the darker the path they’re laying for him…the stronger the redemption they must have planned. Because they’re not just going to destroy the character of Dean!

He’s going to return like a Phoenix. I know. I hope so.
Is just that I hate End Verse Dean, and he slowly seem to remind me of him. See how I still think they’re two different persons? 

Oh, god I’m going to be such a mess for the finale.

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look at me, bitch.


the use of the term ‘bitch’ in an episode where the most important players on the board were women is sort of stupidly important.

on the rocky road to individuation one ends up crossing paths with one’s anima or animus -anima for men and the animus for women- and dean has been crossing paths with aspects of his anima all season long. with robin - with suzie - even charlie.  

and in this episode dean crosses paths with three women, all of whom represent aspects of his personality and experiences and trauma. dean is the bad mother selfishly bent on keeping her daughter by her side at all costs, dean is alex/annie, the child who has been shaped into a monster by the choices of her parents, and dean is even jody mills, defender of the innocent and protector of the weak.

dean’s go-to insult is always ‘bitch, and that is in part because of the fact that he has never in his life come to terms with his feminine aspects.

This is quite relevant, comparing the context with the atmosphere surrounded by female characters with deep background. It was used completely different from every other episode EVER, and I’m surprised because we’ve heard the word from Dean’s mouth thousands of times, so it’s not easy to make a difference at this point, but it was. So writing and the choice of tone of voice’ made a perfect mix.


Dean tonight: “Killing things that need killing is kinda our job. Last I checked, taking pleasure in that is not a crime.”

Made me think of this:

Sam: “Right. Well, decapitations aren’t my idea of a good time, I guess.”

Gordon: “Oh, come on, man, it’s not like it was human. You’ve gotta have a little more fun with your job.”

Dean: “See? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him. You could learn a thing or two from this guy.” (2x03 “Bloodlust”)

And what Anne made me think of was, of course, little Dean and Sam growing up. And Mama was John and the monsters at the same time.

Anne and Jody paralleled fairly strongly with Dean and Sonny from earlier this season, only Dean couldn’t leave his dangerous life behind because he knew his brother needed him. *INFINITE SAD FACES FOR BOTH DEAN AND SAM*

Jody was amazing and Anne and Mama were both excellently played as well. Mama gave me shivers. I really wanted to wrap Anne up in a warm blanket and save her. So, thank you, Jody, for doing that!

This also was a very hopeful message — a damaged child is not a lost child. Dean argues that Anne isn’t really a child, just like he’s said repeatedly that he was never a child, and he’s wrong. Anne was a scared kid who did what she had to do to survive in terrible circumstances, where the person who raised her and told her she loved her was also someone who was hurting her by forcing her to live a dangerous and violent life that was breaking her to pieces. But she was not forever lost. Damaged doesn’t mean broken past healing.

So much mixed feelings for Dean’s arc, and seeing him like he gave up… he’s so fucking done… 

He’s so scary, but his stubbornness is worst. He’s just million miles away… escaping from everyone and everything, and just unplugging himself from the good feelings he has deep in his heart. But they’re still there, I swear! *sobbing*

(Jensen’s acting, man.)


psst this episode actually passes the bechdel test




i’m so upset that dean’s moral compass is so fucked up right now that he can’t see why enjoying killing other living creatures is wrong 

The Righteous Man is righteous no more



Prayer circle for:

  • Slave/captor relationship to parallel codependency between Sam and Dean.
  • The vampires not being completely bad, vampires having backstory, vampires having motives. I JUST DON’T WANT THE WHOLE ‘MONSTERS ARE BAD’ thing.
  • Main captor vampire having a love interest to parallel Dean/Cas.
  • Some meaningful interaction between Sam/Jody (DID YOU SEE THEIR MATCHING OUTFITS AH THEY WOULD BE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE)

yeah I don’t think I’m asking for too much. :3

All of this, and also the whole stockholm syndrome thing to be a direct parallel of what Dean feels for his father (I just wish he could realise, and that way it would help to acknowledge the brother’s codependency.)



This pic looks awesome


Even though I think it would be fun to look at them making something in Chicago, I have zero expectations about this whole Bloodlines thing, but there’s a vibe that it’s different from what SPN look like, or is it just me seeing things?
Do they have a different format involved in filming something in Canada and US? This picture is not the only one that looks different to me. 
I know it’s a promo pic, but still…

I feel the same way about everything you just said. This pic really does have a different vibe to it IMO than any other pic of Supernatural I’ve ever seen (that I can recall ATM). I also don’t have too many good expectations of the Bloodlines spin-off. But I could be wrong, it could turn out to be awesome, stranger things have happened. I will give it it’s fair shake, but my expectations are low. 

I think my views about it comes from my over protective feels about the show, and how they took the main name to add it to the spin off. Why didn’t they call it just Bloodlines? I know it’s for commercial purposes, but still.
I feel kind of chained to that world and it hasn’t even started. Because those characters are probably going to name stuff we know about spn, and Dean and Sam and Cas, and it’s just weird to know they’re talking about things we know in other show. 
And also, I don’t like “new generations” stuff, when SPN hasn’t even finish yet.
I don’t know if it’s going to be bad or good, but I do think they already learnt a lesson because of this fandom, and only by reading some of the themes and their characters, you can see they took what people is asking for, and they applied it to this new story. Which is great for diversity, but a shame that they didn’t completely work it out with the main show, and that’s what matters now. 

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Dean trusted Gadreel.

I didn’t realize before but it’s true. In Holy Terror, the scene where Cas shows up and they all drink together? Gadreel tells Dean that if Cas doesn’t go, he will.

And Dean calls him on it. Dean knows Gadreel isn’t the type to actually leave. He would never have taken the chance if he thought he would leave Sam to die. Not to mention Gadreel (and Dean knows it’s him and not Sam) actually stands up and leaves the bar. If Dean thought there was even a chance Gadreel would go through with his threat he would have freaked out a lot more when Gad left. 

So he wasn’t lying in Road Trip when he said he trusted him. He saw the good in Gadreel and he trusted him as much as Dean could possibly trust an angel he didn’t know who was currently possessing his brother.

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hannibal rewatch; potage (1.03)